006 What it Means to Empower

What does it mean to empower our clients / patients / students? It means that we basically trying to do ourselves out of a job. My aim is always to get a client - whether they’re coming to see me for health and / or fitness goals, to get to the point where they don’t feel they need me, apart from to touch base with once in a while. Which can be a really long journey.

There’s some really great PTs etc out there, who I see talk about, and implement the principles of being a true coach, who don’t just count reps for their clients (or the equivalent for a yoga teacher or therapist). But there’s a step beyond that, which involves being more than good at your said discipline. It means understanding what it is that needs to happen for this person to move towards being independent and self-motivated.

Of course, it’s going to be so different for each person. Different in terms of how long that process takes. Different in terms of what might be holding them back from being at that point. But, for me, it’s the ultimate long-term goal, something greater than them achieving a position, skill, strength, or relationship that they didn’t think was possible.

Most people get into these type of jobs because they like working with people, and get satisfaction from seeing people grow. And this growth we encourage can have a real ripple effect. When we help an individual to find their own power and independence, they are, for sure, going to be helping others in turn. There is no way that a person gets to a place of self-motivation and independence in isolation, and without the ability to help others in turn.

Back in the UK I used to work a bit in Drug & Alcohol Recovery, and now and again you would come across a client who would take your breath away. A client who you knew had such a drive to change their lives, take on board all the support and lessons thrown their way and use it as fuel for growth and transformation. And the best thing about these kind of clients was how they interacted with their peers. If you were having a group session, and you had one of these motivated people in the group, you can bet they would challenge and support others no end.

This is why empowering our clients becomes so important, because ultimately our ability to help people extends way beyond our own individual ability to have contact time with others. I also feel like it’s a real honour and sign of respect to all the great teachers and coaches we’ve had in turn, as a way of trying to pass on what has been so generously poured into us - such knowledge, experience, patience, and understanding.

I think there’s no better thank you then passing on the things we’re grateful for in our own lives, and understanding that our knowledge has nothing to do with us and our own sense of identity / ego. Only the way we use this knowledge demonstrates and defines our character.

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