Eyes cannot see what the mind does not know.

Dr. N. Chandrasekaran


Please find a few testimonials from clients, and colleagues below.

Thank you for the pain relief you have given me. The treatment has worked wonders and I have been feeling much better. I felt so comfortable with you; you were very caring and competent. I would recommend you to anyone who needs an acupuncturist. Looking forward to my next visit.


Tissie's teaching has transformed my yoga practice for the better. Tissie is an excellent observer and being incredibly astute, she can adapt a practice based on my energy levels or mood before and during each lesson. She takes time to get to know your capabilities and expectations from the very first meeting and this is discussed ahead of each practice. Tissie provides clear instructions and positive encouragement which has allowed me to better control my body and movement.


Acupuncture treatment from Tissie Chan has relieved pain and inability to walk distances with regular treatment. The needle treatment has an effect for pain relief very rapidly. The relief of pain and stiffness is working for up to four weeks after each treatment. No other medicine works to the same benefit. Thank you for the treatment and despite my fear of needles, I felt safe. The relief afterwards was astonishingly quick. It was something I didn’t imagine would happen.


Tissie has an amazing talent for helping people. She is my go to person for health improvements and above all breathing practice. I've seen first hand her talents at eliciting change using traditional practices and techniques. She combines her passion and well rounded knowledge with her gentle, clear personality. If you're finding life or your body getting the better of you, or you're looking for the real thing, get in touch, it just might change your life.

Warwick Monks, Professional Coach

I found Tissie through recommendation, wanting to find out more about my body and how to help myself. I couldn't have felt more comfortable and open from our first meeting.


When I came to Tissie I was experiencing a mix of physical and mental strain. Exhibited through tension pains in my hands and forearms and neck. I also had difficulty getting to sleep even when I felt exhausted. I was apprehensive about acupuncture as I didn't know what to expect and I'm not a massive fan of needless. But Tissie made me feel at ease and removed any stigma I had about acupuncture by explaining the eastern tradition and approach to health. The whole person-centred approach and ethos of well being maintenance really resonated with me. Although I was sceptical, I noticed improvements in my energy and my general sense of wellbeing. Improvements became apparent during my course of treatments, which consisted of a mix of yoga/breathing techniques and acupuncture. After completing my time with Tissie I'm getting to sleep just fine. I feel more confident in my ability to tackle the challenges that were negatively impacting my mood. Most importantly, my physical pains are all but solved. I have and would continue to recommend Tissie to friends and family.


For 3 weeks I could feel things moving in my body, straightening my back, dealing with stress held in my back of which I had not been aware, and getting very interesting psychological insights in the way forward for my overall life-long 'healing process'. And yes, the pain in the lower back for which I came to see you was almost totally gone after one week.


Through acupuncture, yoga and therapeutic conversation Tissie has guided me through a period of upheaval, illness and healing over the past year. My health has improved drastically and I continue to benefit from Tissie’s guidance in my yoga practice. Tissie was recommended to me by a friend and in turn I warmly recommend Tissie to others.


As a psychotherapist with many years of training and 8 years in psychotherapy as a client I believed I was very aware of my embodied experience. I started to see Tissie for yoga to help me with sciatica a few months ago and I cannot believe and had no idea of the experiences I would have with her. To describe some of the moments I have had with with Tissie is beyond words. I feel very safe with Tissie and have been able to open up at another level, the emotional, psychological and physical breakthrough I am experiencing is amazing and it feels like it was the next part of the jigsaw in my life after I decided to end my own psychotherapy sessions. I book my weekly sessions with Tissie well in advance as my sessions with her is now a major support for me in my life.


Having taken one on one and group classes with Tissie I would highly recommend her whether you are just starting out your yoga journey or have years of experience. As someone who does regular weight and cardio training I was looking to yoga for the extra support and mobility to counteract lifting heavy weights and also the peace of mind and serenity that yoga can bring. I started out having tried various different yoga teachers and traditions but never found one that suited me. I was looking for the underlying theory behind the practice as well as the help and support during classes which I got from Tissie. The 3 hour group session that I took with her covered all the basics I needed to further my practice. The individual and group support received I had not witnessed or experienced from another teacher. Time also flew by as I was quite daunted at first by its duration, this was due to the friendly and light hearted nature of the class. So all in all I would highly recommend Tissie to anyone looking to improve their mind and body wellbeing.


If you would like to know more about yoga and how it can help mobility, CrossFit training and wellbeing I would highly recommend one of Tissie’s workshops! They are great for any ability, whether you do yoga already or are a complete beginner. I attended one and learnt so much in just a few hours. Firstly, she explained the breathing techniques used during yoga in a really simple way – and then as we moved through the poses she continued to guide us very clearly. She explained the neuroskeletal and musculoskeletal reasons why yoga helps increase mobility, and we looked at them together as a group. Tissie introduced us to lots of different poses and their functions so there was plenty of variety. Lots of people at the workshop said they were interested in yoga to help with stress, and I definitely felt more relaxed after. I also understood far better how yoga can help in training and improve movement patterns. Tissie is so friendly and knowledgeable, and clearly so passionate about yoga, I’d love to go again!


Tissie is an amazing yoga therapist who made a real difference to our lives, engaging with our young son in an innovative, fun and constructive way. She was also great for us adults - helping with our breathing and ability to relax. Her approach is both astute and empathic.


Tissie is a brilliant teacher and therapist. She is patient, non-judgemental, and knowledgeable. Her private sessions are a great way of gaining an insight into the root of your problems and more often times than not, you will walk out with greater clarity and perspective. Apart from her innate ability to connect the dots and identify patterns, Tissie is also able to explain complex concepts in simple terms. Fun fact: she also draws beautiful stick figures for those who are visual learners (like me)! In short, I would highly recommend her workshops and private sessions to anyone in a heartbeat!


Tissie is a dedicated PT who goes over and above for her clients. Her approach is very holistic, encompassing not just the usual strength and conditioning work but also training in areas which you may not think you want, but definitely need. She knows what she’s doing.